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Hotel Review Can Improve REVPAR, But How to Reply Negative Review?

Reviews or reviews of hotel guests who have stayed at your hotel have a significant impact on hotel performance. Especially for improving RevPAR. In Hotel Equity Jimbaran we give great emphasis on online management review in our hotel revenue management strategy.

3 simple steps to reply to negative reviews

Feedback or review of hotel guests on such website TripAdvisor atau Google is a great way for hoteliers to know what guests are thinking about the hotel and the experience they feel. The positive reviews have a good and good impact to show the quality of our hotel and use it as a marketing tool without having to do much. Negative reviews can change the opinion of the next prospective guests quickly change when searching for and booking hotels via online sites. It is therefore important to respond to reviews for all the positive and negative comments. However, to limit potential negative impacts on online reputation, hotels should always respond to negative reviews and proactively handle complaint grounds.

Here are three simple steps on how to ideally respond to negative reviews


Give thanks to guests who have taken the time to write reviews, and try to contact guests whenever possible. This allows guests to know that their feedback is appreciated.


Apologize for not meeting the expectations of the guests and make sure the problem is solved in a good manner and specifically explain to them. Tell them if any improvements your hotel has made to ensure that other guests will not have the same experience, be sure to mention them as well.


Ask the guests to return to your hotel, if needed provide a special gift or price for the next visit to improve the situation, and be sure to review your name and the right way for guests to contact you. This shows that the hotel is genuinely interested in ensuring its guests have a great experience.

If possible, it is advisable to respond to all negative reviews written about your hotel. You should respond to negative reviews as soon as possible. Better answer within 1 x 24 hours or sooner is better. This allows you to quickly fix unpleasant relationships with guests and reduce the number of prospective guests who read negative reviews without your response.

How can I know when a negative review is written?

Hotels can manually monitor each review site for negative reviews or use only online reputation management tools, such as TripAdvisor that notify hotels immediately when new reviews are present, and also give hoteliers a simple platform for which they can respond.

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