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Pre Opening Hotel, The Important Things to Prepare

After you finish building a hotel, of course, you need to prepare a special team to prepare everything that will be related to the operation of your hotel. In the hospitality industry is more familiar with “Pre Opening“.  Another determining factor in the continuity of your hotel business is how Pre Opening Team  you can work maximally and prepare everything for the survival of your hotel. They are in charge of preparing operational teams and marketing teams including preparing supporting goods and tools for operations.

Most hotel owners do not understand how this team works and do the initial set up of the hotel. In need of careful planning on everything as detailed as possible with a clear target time for yet still, all of it must be supported from the financial side is sufficient.

The most frequent way done by most hotel investors to get through this stage well is to ask for help servicesby the hotel operator. Owners must be willing to pay professional fees with a pretty good value. How can everything work so well? the hotel owner can request the help of experts or consultants in the field of hospitality that also provides pre-opening service at an affordable cost with maximum results.

We often meet with hotel owners and discuss with us, many of them who already feel capable and many who do not understand how the pre-opening team is working. We try to simplify the stages if you are interested to use our professional services as your hotel pre-opening consultant as follows:

1. Offer

The initial stage we did was to provide a bid proposal. After making our proposal approved we will proceed to the next stage of the Signing of Cooperation Agreement.

2. Signing of Cooperation Agreement

If the parties have agreed to cooperate in the pre-opening of the hotel and/or hotel management, the next important step is signing a memorandum of understanding or Memorandum of Understanding. This is the starting point of the seriousness of the parties to bind themselves together in a cooperation. Without the MOU there will be no follow-up from stage 1 (Bidding) cooperation between the hotel owner and the hotel manager. The MOU will clearly show the main duties and obligations of the parties.

3. Location Survey

If there is an agreement, we will do the initial phase of the core work is to survey the location. After conducting a survey of the location we will make a written and detailed report to make our base for a complete offer to prepare everything needed for pre-opening or hotel management. This should be done to identify the facilities and infrastructure that will be needed for operations. We will study and perform SWOT analysis for our implementation at the operational time later.

4. Report

Type of report submitted for implementation :

  1. Inventory of needs and working capital
  2. Inventory of service standards
  3. HR Inventory and Training
  4. Building Inventory / Building Audit

Our activity schedule is described as below table


Week to

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Signatory of agreement              
Field survey              
Data collection              
Preparation of reports              
Submission of draft reports              
Review and revision of reports              
Training Staff              
Operational preparation              
Custom changes              


5. Implementation Phase.

Once everything is fulfilled, then hotel operator will perform this pre opening job based on the scope of work and responsibilities contained in the cooperation agreement. The pre-opening stage of the hotel usually takes 3 to 6 months before the grand opening.

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