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Online Marketing Strategy Plan With Internet 1

Online Marketing Strategy Plan With Internet

In our hotel marketing plan section through the internet, we concentrate on brand protection to drive direct sales. Another method that can be used and highly effective is PPC ads on search engines or also called SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

SEM encourages high ROI through Brand Protection

Most of you will surely know that you can bid on keyword searches on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. Your hotel ads will appear at the top of the search results in the SERPs. Positions at the top and bottom of the search engine page get premium visibility so you can bid through the PPC model (pay per click).

Of course, this type of online or digital marketing is very competitive and expensive. Try bidding on your own brand name to be regarded as a very effective form of brand protection, resulting in the highest ROI level.

You should have to do your own bidding through Google Adwords for your brand and also on the Yahoo and Bing platforms, in the same way as OTA. The price is much lower than other keywords and can also provide a very good return on investment. If you are lucky you will get a far more attractive 15% to 25% profit for the OTA commission.

Here are some practical tips you can get:

  • Target language in general and not region
  • Target as many languages as possible, each with a custom ad in a particular language. It does not matter if your website is not translated in that language, simply redirect users to the English version of the website. Having ads in a particular language will help CTR (clickthrough rate).
  • When determining keywords use the keyword modifier tool. Broad match is sometimes too broad and will take generic keywords for purposes that do not usually convert well. With the broad match, modifier Ads can show on searches containing modified terms (or similar variations, but not synonyms)
  • Coastal keywords are taken and add negative keywords if you do not want ads to appear for certain words.
  • order now“.
  • Add sitelink extensions to your ads as well as location extensions and phone extensions to fit your target.

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